WyrdCon and my moderating my first panel!

I want to tell you all about this amazing event that is happening this weekend, and that I get to be a part of. It is called WyrdCon.

WyrdConWyrdCon is an interactive theater convention. From my understand, Interactive theater covers LARPS (Live Action Role Plays), RPGs (Role Playing Games) and ARGs (Alternate Reality games). In my opinion these genres are types of entertainment that will only be more relevant to the general public with the convergence of various media forms. One of the important aspects of interactive theater is that it plays on the notion of escape and wanting to become someone else. Everyone wants to escape and be someone else at some point or another and this is a way to do so. To learn more about what exactly WyrdCon is you can click here for the mission statement and here for a Day in the Life of a WyrdCon organizer.

For the first time Wyrdcon will be hosting a Transmedia panel. This panel will be a Transmedia 101 of sorts to examine the different ways that various new media platforms can be used to enhance participants role and participation in interactive theater experiences. Personally, I’m extremely excited for this panel because it will be my first time moderating a panel! And I have some awesome people on the panel. If you are in the Southern California area and are interested there will be tickets sold at the door. Come by and say hi if you can make it, it is sure to be a great weekend.

And our WyrdCon Transmedia panelists are…

Hope to see you at WyrdCon!

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  1. Great job moderating the panel Angelique – I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the event! Some fantastic topics covered – from definition of transmedia to how ARGs and LARPs interrelate. Seemed to me both the panelists and audience members learned a lot from one another.

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