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Social Media FTW

I’ve been thinking about writing about the different types of social media and why each provides their own benefit for the last 48 hours. Partially this was drawn out of my own need to express myself and partially it was drawn out of convincing myself that yes, I do need to try out all the various social media tools out there in order to get a feel for what is around.

The first understanding must be that various types of social media satisfy certain needs in our lives. Some examples of this are:

  • Twitter – microblogging at its best. Best uses are to keep in touch with online acquaintances, businesses, celebrities and the latest news.
  • Facebook – social networking in all it’s glory. Best for maintaining personal relationships with friends and acquaintances.
  • LinkedIn – professional social networking. A must in the professional world of social media.
  • YouTube – Social viewing. Watching and discussing online content and short videos.
  • WordPress, Blogger, Blogspot – personal blogging software. Lets you expand on thoughts too long for twitter and facebook.
  • Tumblr, LiveJournal – visual, short blogs. A tool for those who want something in between Twitter and a blog.
  • Niche specific sites – bring together communities based upon a common interest.

The above list is by no means expansive. There are some sites that duplicate others (such as Vimeo being similar to YouTube), however it does give you the gist of what I mean about social networking sites each having a purpose and focusing on fulfilling that purpose. Some sites (such as Facebook) are trying to converge a variety of purposes under one roof. The problem with this is that it is harder to do many things well then do one thing excellently.

Personally I’d rather have applications (such as tweetdeck) that allows me to combine my social media in a way that I want to. For instance when I post this blog I can decide if I want to retweet it on my Facebook and LinkedIn pages.  I like to have this control because I can decide exactly how I want to promote myself across the different media.

All this comes around to me explaining what brought this along. With my final semester of grad school, job hunting, various outside projects, part time job, and life my mind gets a bit cluttered sometimes. And I don’t want to put my clutter here, because this if for my social media related posts, and I don’t want it on my Efficient Creativity blog because that’s for creativity related projects. Hence, I have decided on trying out Tumblr to see how it differs from other blogging software and as yet another tool to add to my toolbag. The link is along the side if you wish to join me on my journey.