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Be Inspired

So, as many of you know, I’m a graduate student getting her Masters of Mass Communications, Advertising. This semester I have been ever more absent then normal due to something very exciting – my last semester! As I finalize things for my last 2 classes I’ll share with you a chapter of a book on Communication Technology… a chapter I wrote! About social and new media advertising! Very excited. Am working on getting approval to post my chapter as soon as it is edited and the such. One thing I can share with you now however is my final project. For the compilation of my 2.5 years of grad school I’m doing a final project instead of a thesis. It is one semester instead of 2 and is focused for the professional track that I’m on.

For our final projects we were to pick a non-profit organization and fulfill some need of theirs. My non-profit is Create Now, an arts mentoring program for very at-risk and high-risk kids in Southern California. The majority of these kids are in foster care or group homes, and have undergone many challenges in their lifetimes. To help the organization Jill Gurr, the founder, her AmeriCorps volunteer Laura and I came up with the concept for a talent showcase that would feature some of the kids that Create Now supports. There has been many trials and challenges on the way to getting this event accomplished but after long last it is here! 17 kids will be performing a mix of original and contemporary pieces and there will be music from a featured band, A Welcome Distraction, to cap the evening off. Please considering coming out to support these kids, you’ll be glad you did! Tickets can be found here, and hurry because they are only $12 until Friday at midnight.